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Superb Software Solutions

Full-Stack Developer and Designer Creating Beautiful Tailored Software
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My Portfolio

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person holding mobile home workout planner app nuumi on grassy background
nuumi Social Fitness App Logo


iOS and Android App

nuumi is a fitness app that motivates its users to achieve their goals and build a lasting workout habit. I co-founded this company and have designed, built and branded everything from scratch.

Download nuumi on the App Store
Download nuumi on Google Play
3d website icon for social fitness mobile app nuumi
3d linkedin logo for nuumi
3d instagram logo for nuumi gym logger app
_Effortless workout tracking_ iPhone 15 (1).png
PianoFunClub tablet app in someone's hand showing assigned homework against piano background
PianoFunClub Android Tablet App and Custom CRM Logo


Business Management Software

I built an advanced piece of business software for PianoFunClub to manage their 2,500+ pupils, which handles lesson scheduling, invoicing and customer communication. The software has enabled them to significantly scale their business without hiring new staff, and is designed for them to reach 10,000 pupils and beyond.

Charlie Lewis founding partner of PianoFunClub and client of squid ink software

Charlie Lewis

Founding Partner

'Tim has been amazing to work with. He is knowledgeable, a great communicator and always comes through on time and on budget. I have no hesitation in recommending him for your project.'


Field Doctor

Shopify Server

I developed and optimised Field Doctor's back-end server for their Shopify store. My work enabled Field Doctor to offer subscriptions to their healthy frozen meals, at huge benefit to the business. I optimised the process for finding available delivery dates, delivering a 10x speed increase and a vastly improved customer experience. 


Ben Hawker

Head of Technology

'Tim's knowledge and skill has been incredibly useful for us over at Field Doctor. His expertise has helped build scalable and operation-critical applications for managing our service. We'll always come back to him as he's a true professional.'

Ohme smart electric car charger charging car in drive
Ohme Logo


Novel AI Information Extraction Tool 

I developed a custom Machine Learning tool called UBET (Utility Bill Extraction Tool) for Ohme, a company developing smart chargers for electric vehicles. UBET uses a combination of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and fine-tuned DistilBERT transformers to extract customer information from any type of utility bill.

Stuart Barnes senior data engineer and developer

Stuart Barnes

Senior Data Engineer

'It was fantastic to be able to witness the daily progress and findings in this rather challenging piece of work! Tim investigated options for the solution widely and found a great balance between performance, cost and quality'

design of ThinkingCards website
Thinking Cards Logo Fun Mental Wellbeing Education

Thinking Cards


I designed and built a fun, child-friendly website for Thinking Cards, a learning tool that helps young people improve their mental wellbeing.

Mike Kelly teacher from Royal Free Hospital Children's school and pioneer of thinking cards mental health education tool

Mike Kelly

Senior Teacher

'Tim's work was exceptional.  He produced a brilliant website for us and at every step of the way he kept us in the loop with information and update on his progress.  Can't recommend him strongly enough!'

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